As Huationg Group continues to grow and expand, we believe that our commitment to customer service and integrated civil engineering and construction solutions will develop beyond engineering technology but instead depend on continuous development of a well trained personnel and crews. As such, we will endeavour to ensure all employees are involved in the Huationg value-chain.


Huationg Group and our subsidiary companies are committed to providing the best civil engineering and logistics services to meet the growing needs in construction, marine and petrochemical Industries in Singapore and the region. Huationg Group will strive to accommodate these commitments through our fleet of modern and technologies advance vehicles, machinery and well trained staff.

Our Values and Beliefs
Eco-friendly business practices:
Through the use of new technologies like Liquefied Soil Stabilizer, create sustainable and environmentally-friendly work processes and civil engineering techniques.

Accountable and Ethical:
We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Conduct business to strict ethical principles with integrity and honesty, and in doing so hope to achieve trust and closer relationships with all our clients and stakeholders.

Continued Improvement and Evolution:
As best practice, we will always seek to improve and refine all systems and processes through regular feedbacks and assessments in order to provide the best possible service for the greatest possible value.

Quality, Integrity and Excellence:
We will hold all employees accountable to the Huationg standards of integrity and professionalism through set key performance indicators.

Care for employees:

We believe in fostering a culture of safe and healthy work environment through training, education and proactive employee involvement. We promise to provide and pursue all manner of protective gear, training and lifelong upgrading for all our employees.